About Us

About Us

The Pride of Feng Chia University

University Motto

"Loyalty, Diligence, Sincerity, Perseverance" were the four words of Feng Chia's motto added in 1964. Different from the meaning in the past, the motto now has a new interpretation, "loyal to things, diligent in learning, sincere in heart, and persevere in action", as the benchmark attitudes of teachers and students.

University Badge

Feng Chia former triangular badge, with gear and coin representing engineering and business respectively, was changed to a round one when we were granted university status in 1980.



  • Inae represents educational achievements
  • Connotation of the school spirit "Loyalty, Diligence, Sincerity, Perseverance"

University Song

Feng Chia University former president Zhang Xizhe collected opinions from his colleagues and urged Professor Huang Chunren to write lyrics and musician Hwang Yau-tai to compose. The song was published in the university magazine in Jan 1969 and started to use since then. A major revision was made in 1980. During the 40th anniversary, alumnus Li Shouquan was invited to re-arrange the music and during the 50th anniversary, students were also invited to perform creatively in various styles.

History of Feng Chia University Chairmans and Presidents