s School

Introduce the energy of university teachers and students and plan in-depth social design projects

Design special courses oriented to social engagement, social innovation, social design, and social impact which introduces the energy of university teachers and students and plans in-depth social design projects in order to solve the current major social problems such as poverty, environmental degradation, transportation, declining birthrate, aging, expensive housing, poor living quality, energy, food safety and hygiene, garbage, and public security.

No. 1 of Taiwan's private universities for social responsibility

CSR+USR cooperation model

The "Placemaking Center" was officially established in 2020, leading the CSR+USR cooperation model and working with companies to design a framework to promote the social responsibility of universities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the main axis. Through the core compulsory courses of general education to understand the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, university social responsibility, local creation and other topics, guide volunteer teams and associations to participate in social participation projects for SDGs by the production of social participation course projects.