When I was studying at Feng Chia University, I had a lot of my own stories...

As long as you are willing to fight bravely, don't give up or just accept your fate.

I learned about the registration information of the 21st Insurance Faith, Hope, Love Best Campus Elite Award in my senior year. At first, the scholarship was very attractive, but I didn’t know if I had enough ability and all colleges and universities in Taiwan. At one time, I felt it was impossible for my students to compete, but after a few thoughts, I didn’t want to give up lightly, so I decided to seek assistance from the department’s teacher.

After several rounds of fighting, I was fortunate to win the 21st Insurance Faith, Hope and Love Campus Elite Award, and the award was presented at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The award was presented by the then director of the Insurance Bureau of the FSC, Shi Qionghua, in addition to the 50,000 yuan scholarship , There are Insurance Faith, Hope and Love Award Trophy, Award Certificate, Modern Insurance Health Finance Magazine, LiFE Quarterly and Modern Insurance Health Finance Electronic Daily for one year.

獲得第 21 屆保險信望愛校園菁英獎

Won the 21st Insurance Faith Hope Love Campus Elite Award

There is no limit in life, and you can make your own limitless possibilities once! ! !

Start to learn to "listen" to solve the problem.

As long as you have enough courage, dreams can come true.

Going internationally and experiencing a new life has always been what I yearn for. The Office of International Affairs provides a lot of information about summer and winter study tours and even international exchanges during the semester. The scope covers Europe, the United States and Asian countries, so that there are many students. Different choices.

In the summer of 2019, I participated in the INTENSIVE ENGLISH LANGUADE PROGRAM organized by Temple University in the United States for about one month. From the daily course teaching, I learned different levels of professional knowledge, and I also came into contact with the teaching environment and cultural differences different from Taiwan. , And arranged visits to local companies through Temple University to experience the local corporate culture. Inevitably, I also visited many well-known scenic spots that could only be seen in history textbooks before. Everything about the whole journey is for me. All have broadened my knowledge and benefited a lot.

參加美國天普大學Temple University所舉辦為期約一個月的INTENSIVE ENGLISH LANGUADE PROGRAM

Participated in the INTENSIVE ENGLISH LANGUADE PROGRAM organized by Temple University in the United States for about one month.


New York, I'm here!

Jump out of your comfort zone and believe in yourself I can!

The changes that have not been tried are terrible, yes, but if you don’t step out of the comfort zone, how can you know that we can’t?

Many things and many truths do not have to be believed only when you do it, but you can only do it by believing in "I can". So, never rush to deny yourself "I can't", because as long as you are willing, the result will prove that "I can" actually.


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