The four years of university are very short. I went to Shanghai Tongji University to exchange, perform stage plays at the end of the term, learn to introduce Taiwanese culture to foreigners in foreign languages, participate in the returning home service team, and perform at the "Riverside Message". These are all my stories.

Just do what you think of. If you think about it more than three times, it means you really want to do this thing.







No matter how busy with schoolwork, I still have to participate in activities

Although Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering has a heavy workload, I still actively participate in many extracurricular activities, participate in the homecoming service team, and perform on the same stage with friends on the "Riverside Message", serve as the deputy beauty propaganda department of the department, and co-organize camps.

From the activities, cultivate the ability to respond to occasions. When encountering emergencies, you can stay calm and observe the environment to solve problems smoothly.



Exchange to Shanghai Tongji University

It is often heard that China is developing rapidly, but how good China is, you still have to see for yourself.

In the junior year, he successfully applied to Shanghai Tongji University as an exchange student through the Office of International Affairs.

In class, I saw the confidence, competitive spirit and desire of expressiveness of the students on the other side.



By|Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering Na, Kai-Jie