Since 2018, the Department of Statistics of Feng Chia University has divided the university department into the "Business Big Data Group" and "Big Data Analysis and Market Decision Group" to recruit students, and planned the "actuarial analysis and rate evaluation field in the Business Big Data Group" "And the development direction of "Measurement Finance and Finance"; the big data analysis and market decision-making team presents the direction of big data marketing through market research and consumer consumption information. This triage teaching is not only a pioneering work related to statistics in China, but also the students of the Department of Statistics have developed an actuarial analysis and rate evaluation system, an automated trading system, an investment stock financing program, and a Fengjia food recommendation system for market research on consumer food consumption data. , The results show the integration of business professional knowledge, so that the cultivation of talents with business intelligence has shown results.

Featured Results of Commercial Big Data

In the insurance mathematics course, students learn to design life and death insurance policies, from the death before the age of 40 can receive 3 million yuan, the death of 41-50 years old can receive 2 million yuan, to the death of 51-60 years old can receive 1 million yuan. As well as those who are surviving 60-70 years old can receive 240,000, and those who are 70-85 years old can receive 480,000 insurance policy designs per year. Combining the application of R program and R Shiny package, we develop actuarial analysis and rate evaluation. The policy trial calculation system. It coincides with the release of the sixth round of life tables in March this year and will be implemented in July. All products of insurance companies need to adopt a new round of life tables. The difference between the adopted premium rate and the current fifth round of life tables can be found here. The system evaluates the difference in rates between the fifth and sixth rounds of life, and provides a comparison of annual premiums and monthly premiums.

In the field of measurement finance and finance, through the combination of measurement finance methods and financial knowledge, students use the concepts learned in the financial management and investment course to develop an automated trading system with options that can provide real-time trading advice. With a large amount of financial information available, some students use more than 900 stocks of listed company stocks to dynamically identify more than 20 tradable targets using statistical methods, and provide relevant reminder trading signals for the selected targets. The results of these two aspects are analyzed by using a large amount of option trading and stock trading data. The statistical analysis and programming skills cultivated by the department are used to predict or discover tradable information, which has become a model for training smart financial talents.

Big data analysis and market decision-making characteristic achievements

The statistical system marketing research team has conducted surveys in the Fengjia business district over the years, collecting consumption information of consumers in the business district and estimating information on crowd business opportunities in the form of questionnaire surveys, and based on historical crowd trends, overall business opportunities in the business district, and accommodation business opportunities. Observe and advise on the development of the business district and the marketing strategy of the business district. Over the years, it has conducted surveys on various topics, such as mobile payment, food consumption survey, beverage consumption survey, consumer behavior survey of drone stores, and surveys on topics such as environmental sanitation and public facilities. It is the only survey in the country with a complete business circle The department of data, therefore, often receives attention from government units, research institutions and the media.

Since the gastronomic characteristics of the Feng Chia business district are the main factors that attract many consumers, the students combined the concepts learned in the survey design and analysis and marketing management courses to use the Feng Chia business district collected by the statistical marketing research team over the years. Gourmet consumption behavior survey data, dig out the relevance of consumers in delicacy consumption items, connect the relevance of various delicacy categories, develop a recommendation system with characteristic delicacies in Feng Chia business district with R Shiny kit, and use eDM for wisdom Marketing, push pod-customized food consumption information to different consumers. The purpose is to guide potential consumers to consume food that they have not eaten but are interested in eating, so as to increase the revenue of gourmet restaurants. This achievement not only integrates statistical data analysis and programming, but also integrates logical thinking and the application of marketing strategies, forming the innovative features of business intelligence marketing.

Students demonstrate the results of business big data and market decision analysis.

Not only that, students of the Department of Statistics have advanced the courses of the Master's Program of the School of Innovation and Energy on campus. In the big data topic and case analysis courses, they will discuss the recent high housing prices in various places. In recent years, due to the continuous increase in housing transaction prices, the government has resorted to the policy of selling housing, trying to reduce the problem of rising housing prices. However, since the government’s policy of selling housing for 4 months in early 2021, housing prices have continued to hit new highs, such as this year. In the first quarter, the housing prices in the northern Taiwan metropolitan area still rose by 2.4% to 7.9%. The reason for this is that the market information is in a state of inequality, which has led to the continuous increase in housing prices. Therefore, the students have introduced real-price registration information about house sales and related living functions around the house, and presented the results of analysis programs and data analysis. The map interface presents information about the suitability of housing prices in various regions, and provides users with information. For the reference of buying house information.

Finally, in order to deepen and expand the scope of application of business big data, the Department of Statistics also cooperated with Teacher Kang Shuzhen from the Department of Accounting, and asked Teacher Kang to combine mobile apps and R language in the Accounting (1) course to familiarize students with programming in accounting. Field of application. The Department of Statistics hopes that through the study of different business majors, and the combination of programming, logical thinking and data analysis capabilities, the students of the Department will cultivate their skills in the application of business wisdom and cultivate innovative business talents in the new generation.

Big data analysis and market decision-making, business big data to achieve students' business intelligence skills.


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