the college of Finance and Mercuries Life Insurance jointly opened the "Financial Innovation Field-Insurance Series Lectures". The first lecture was launched on April 29. Mr. Lin Jialiang, a senior trainer from Sanshang Smith Barney Life Insurance, was invited to share his financial management. Concept, thoughts and thinking.

At the beginning of the speech, Chen Shengtong, Dean of the School of Finance, asked, "Should I go on a trip first? Or do I want to manage money after traveling?" Lecturer Lin used to be a columnist for a wealth management magazine, and his mother told him since he was a child, "I want to save money." ", "If you have money, you must save it." Therefore, the value of money has been established since childhood.

Mr. Lin Jialiang not only mentioned the concepts, ideas and thinking of financial management, but also shared his rich travel experience with teachers and students.

Mr. Lin has traveled to 17 countries and accumulated 74 overseas trips. In this speech, he also shared his rich "travel" experience; encourage everyone to plan "travel" into their life goals. The people, things and scenes encountered during the journey may change our thoughts and thinking. Urge us to continue to work towards the goals we set.

Finally, Mr. Lin gave the six words "Believe, Act, Persevere" to all the audience at the scene. If you don't do it, you will be different. If you do it, you will be different. Change your concepts and habits, choose your goals, and write your own stories and life. . "Financial Innovation Field-Insurance Series Lectures" is the first cooperation between the School of Finance and Sanshang Meibang Life Insurance Company. It is hoped that through this industry-university cooperation model, it will bring some inspiration to the students of the School of Finance, and also through the practice of the lecturers. Sharing, so that students can understand the pulse of the industry.

"Financial Innovation Field-Insurance Series Lectures" was co-organized by the School of Finance and Sanshang Meibang Life Insurance.