The site on the right side of the first floor of the library has a new landscape and a new image! The original Apple Regional Education and Training Center was moved to the second floor of Administration Building 1. After remodeling, the bright, refreshing and carefree space was transformed into "Corner to the World". It was officially opened on April 14. 

 "Corner to the World" was officially opened. The teachers and the EMBA109 advanced class praised the addition of a language learning environment.

"Corner to the World" is coordinated by the Foreign Language Center to plan related activities, and the space is co-managed by the library and the Foreign Language Teaching Center. Director Que Difeng of the Foreign Language Center stated that the purpose of setting up the "Corner to the World" is that foreign language learning can occur from the corner of the campus, so that students can come into contact with different languages, cultures, life values, etc. in an open and relaxed environment. Come to know and build your own world.

Director Que (Standing in the middle) foretells that the "Corner World" field will successively launch static exhibitions and micro-dynamic activities, which can be expected to be exciting.

The Foreign Language Center has set different themes, and regularly conducts static exhibitions and micro-dynamic activities in the corner of the world. After the official opening, various activities will be launched, such as English learning corner, second foreign language learning corner, cultural lectures, human library and other activities are ready to start. Director Que especially emphasized that the "Corner to the World" is a field for the teachers and students of the school. All units of the school are welcome to conduct foreign language and cultural-related learning activities here, such as language exchanges, large-scale learning results announcements, and after-school tutoring with compulsory English courses. Even for mock interview activities, units that have space requirements are welcome to contact the Foreign Language Teaching Center. Through the learning activities inside and outside the curriculum, and cross-unit and cross-field exchanges and cooperation, not only can teachers and students of different units learn from each other, it is believed that it will help enhance learning effectiveness.

English Corner Activity-Teacher Yiling Chen from the Foreign Language Center leads students to "Breaking the Ice".


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