From April 14th to 17th, the Ministry of Science and Technology has developed the "Key Technologies for Self-Driving Subsystems" program to hold the annual event "Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show" at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. This is an integrated type led by the alliance between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is planned that only five teams from Feng Chia, Jiaotong University, National Chengchi University, ZTE and Beijing University of Science and Technology will participate in the exhibition.

The team was personally led by the Dean of the College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Hong Sanshan, and was carried out by the team of teacher Lin Yucheng from the Department of Automatic Control Engineering. The theme "Integrating Deep Learning Wisdom Perception and Autonomous Decision-making Technology in the Development of Localized Active Suspension System" published two technologies, respectively It is "Deep Learning Road Water and Road Defect Detection System", "Adaptive Dynamic Control and other Active Electronic Suspension System".

Feng Chia University develops its own self-driving car system.

The technical team members of the "Deep Learning Road Water and Road Defect Detection System" are Chen Shilun, Lin Dingran, Lin Weilun, Lai Guanting, Chen Wenhui, Fan Yucheng. This technology is based on car gauge lenses and deep learning recognition technology, which can be used as real-time road condition detection , Such as road potholes, stagnant water, deceleration slopes, etc., combined with the active suspension system to improve vehicle comfort and handling stability.

The self-driving car developed by Feng Chia University mainly displays the suspension control system and image recognition.

The team members of "Active Electronic Suspension System such as Adaptive Dynamic Control" are Lin Yucheng, Hong Sanshan, You Zhengji, Xu Weifeng. This technology uses air spring and solenoid valve variable damping control, combined with the development of self-learning control Decision-making design to realize a set of adaptive vehicle stability control system.

Participating team members(from left): Hong Qijun, Master of the Department of Automation, Hong Sanshan, Dean of the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, Teacher Lin Yucheng of the Department of Automation, Teacher Lin Weilun from the Department of Communication, and Guo Zhengxuan, Master of the Department of Automation.

The development of "relevant technologies" for self-driving cars is a project that the Ministry of Science and Technology attaches great importance to, and the annual review is quite strict. Therefore, the annual automotive electronics exhibition must display the results to show the domestic self-driving car research and development energy. With the hard work of the school team over the past two years, and with the assistance of many third-party vendors, they have achieved a number of outstanding achievements that have been highly affirmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


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