The core key to the practice of smart life lies in the development of 5G technology; and the best place to practice 5G technology is in a complete and mature university campus with a large number of people and innovative technologies.

On April 9th, President Bing Jean Lee of Feng Chia University and Gao Xinming, Chairman and CEO of Marketech lnternational Corp. signed an industry-university cooperation agreement, and the "5G Smart City Industry Development Alliance" will be established in the future.

After the signing of the contract, Feng Chia University specially arranged for the display of achievements in smart related fields. Associate Professor Cai Yuding of the College of Engineering and Science shared the "Application of Smart Manufacturing 5G Domains", and Lei Zuqiang, Deputy Director of the Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center shared "The Development of Smart Disaster Prevention" Application", and finally, the director of the Department of Communications Engineering Peng Jiamei introduced the award-winning work "5G Multi-antenna System Applied to Mobile Terminal Devices" of the 5G+ Industry Rising Star Sailing Project held in Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

President Bing Jean Lee (right) and Chairman Gao Xinming signed an industry-university cooperation agreement to jointly build the first fully-applied 5G private network experimental site in the Asia-Pacific.

Marketech and Feng Chia University plan to invest more than 80 million hardware and software equipment from 2021 to 2022 to build three sets of indoor, outdoor, and mobile 5G enterprise private network base stations and core network equipment, as well as full-scale indoor, Outdoor experimental field. Among them, the indoor field covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters, which can provide system integration and testing of smart housing, smart manufacturing, smart exhibition, smart medical treatment, and the development and testing of domestic 5G private network base stations and core network equipment.

In 2021, the two parties will first plan to cooperate on the two themes of "Smart Manufacturing" and "Smart Disaster Prevention and Relief". Smart manufacturing R&D cooperation in the indoor field, including two themes of "5G Smart Industrial Production System and Information Monitoring Project" and "5G Communication Platform Performance Verification Analysis and Information Security DDoS Attack Identification". It is expected to provide central precision machinery and manufacturing automation Upgrade and introduce a comprehensive solution for 5G enterprise private networks.

Combining the 5G enterprise private network technology of Fanxuan Group and the strong R&D energy of Fengjia University, the "5G Smart City Industry Development Alliance" was formally established.


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