Since 2020, "Foresight" magazine has openly solicited "USR Outstanding Projects" from universities across the country and launched the USR University Social Responsibility Award. The second session will be handled in 2021. Not only will the categories be increased, but the solicitation will be expanded. After the book review and face-to-face review, the list of winners will be officially announced on April 8.

Hou Shengzong, the "Professor Who Knows Taxi Drivers Best" in our school, won the first prize in the Welfare Symbiosis Category for "University Companion to Local Goodness"

Prof. Hou, President Bing Jean Lee and Dean Ben-ray Jai of s.Social participated in the award ceremony; President Lee was also invited to participate in the principal’s symposium to share the achievements and experience of promoting USR.

Feng Chia University's "University Companion and Local Charity" won the first prize in the Welfare Symbiosis Group. President Bing Jean Lee (middle) and Prof. Hou Shengzong (right) received the award from Chairman Gao Xijun.

President Lee(2nd from the right) was invited to participate in the president’s forum and shared his experience in promoting USR with the presidents of the other three universitites.

Prof. Hou won the first prize of the "University Companion for Local Charity" program, which combines taxis and rehabilitation buses to feed and deliver meals to the elderly in rural areas, and pioneered a shared service model of medical transportation for rural tribes in Taiwan. In two years, 265,000 transportation trips have been completed across Taiwan, and the total number of transportation kilometers in Guanglishan has reached 115,000 kilometers, which has improved the transportation difficulties for rural residents. Ms. Hou's successful experience has also been transplanted to New Taipei City to help build the "New Taipei City Mayor's Transport Service Platform." With the help of information technology, not only has the service efficiency of vehicles been greatly improved, but also a sustainable business model has been successfully created; Influencing the central government's policy, loosening legal restrictions on white-licensed vehicles for rural medical services.

President Lee (2nd from right), Dean Ben-ray Jai (1st from left) and Prof.Shengzong Hou (1st from right) of the School of Social Innovation attended the award ceremony and took a group photo with President Yang Mali.

As President Lee has repeatedly emphasized, Feng Chia University is not involved in social participation for the purpose of making a university social responsibility plan. University social responsibility is already the connotation of Feng Chia University's curriculum reform. In addition to the "University Companion ‧ Local Charity", Feng Chia teachers and students also have "Taichung Cultural City Center Local Livelihood Project", "Green Harmony-Circular and Sustainable International Common Good Project" and "Tribe Creation Project" The “Participants’ Shared Protection System Project” and many other USR projects are underway. It is hoped that through courses, projects, or real dilemmas in the community, through creative thinking, teamwork, and technology introduction, solutions can be devised to effectively change the past dilemmas. The real Impacts truly embody the social responsibility of Feng Chia University!