Sensing the need for internationalization and the importance of talent cultivation and technological upgrading, the leader in Taiwan’s process equipment industry-C SUN Industrial Co., Ltd. has entered Feng Chia University's i-Hub in 2021 and has become One of the corporate members of FCU GLORIA. The digital development base unveiling ceremony was held at the Smart Innovation Port on April 1. It was officially unveiled under the witness of President Bing Jean Lee, the special assistant of Zhisheng Industrial Chairman Liang Youwen (also chairman of GMM Co., Ltd.) and many cadres and teachers from both sides.

Under the witness of President Lee (4th from left), Chairman Liang (4th from right) and many cadres and teachers from both sides, the digital development base held an inauguration ceremony.

President Lee emphasized that universities not only cultivate students' abilities, but also create "opportunities" for students. This opportunity is definitely a co-construction and complementarity between the school and the industry, and together cultivate innovative talents who can participate in the industrial upgrading and social transformation. Fengjia and Zhisheng Industrial are good partners for long-term cooperation. He praised Zhisheng Industrial’s wise move to place the most promising base in the university because Fengjia is facing the Shuinan Economic and Trade Park, which is an important future development in Taichung. Develop unlimited potential and absolute advantage.

C SUN Industrial Digital Development Base was officially inaugurated. President Lee (left) and Chairman Liang have long promised to create a symbiotic and co-prosperous industry-university achievement based on the good cooperation between the two parties.

In addition to agreeing with President Lee's philosophy of running a school, Chairman Liang also mentioned that C SUN Industry is a company with temperature, and that temperature generates mutual trust and partners with Zhisheng have definitely taken off in 10 years. Joining Fengjia GLORIA this time, Zhisheng Industrial will turn GLORIA into GLORIFY and transform it into more innovative power. In the future, various departments will also take turns to station in the digital development base, and jointly stimulate research capacity with teachers and students of Fengjia University.

The main contents of the cooperation between the two parties include: the establishment of a simulation center, a plasma technology joint laboratory, a talent training camp, and a technology research and development camp at Feng Chia University. Aiming at advanced equipment design, mechanism and heat flow simulation, semiconductor packaging equipment development, smart vehicle positioning and plasma etching process construction, etc., actively carry out industry-university cooperation and personnel training to enhance the integration of related technologies and talents.

C SUN Industrial settled in iHub, building a digital development base with Feng Chia University.


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