Feng Chia University spares no effort to promote university social responsibility. On September 25th, Feng Chia University held the "Mountain City for Good, Sustainable Environment-2020 Feng Chia University USR Achievement Harvest Festival". Through the display of results, the introduction of the Dongshi field, and the exhibition of Dongshi products, the results of the activities planned by the USR on campus in the off-campus field are brought back to campus.

Feng Chia University has been ranked No. 1 in the USR private school for two consecutive years. Feng Chia has more than 23,000 teachers and students who have abundant energy and continue to operate USR. I believe that Taiwan’s one-thousandth of the population can drive the entire enthusiasm for us. The land has even expanded internationally to implement the sustainable development goals of the United Nations SDGs.


The Taipei City Alumni Association pledged to donate 300,000 yuan per year to support the alma mater to promote the USR project.


The 2020 Achievement Harvest Festival will bring back to campus the results of activities planned by the USR on campus in the off-campus field.


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