The "SAP Campus Packaging Design Competition" organized by Fengwei International Co., Ltd., STUDIOA and Straight A, has announced the winners recently.

For the first time, Tsai,Wei-En from the Department of Marketing participated in the competition and won the Cutting-Edge Design Award with his "HYPERACTIVE" work.

The award-winning work "HYPERACTIVE" is designed with peculiar, imaginative, interesting and playful as the core design, using a variety of color combinations, matching different colors and design elements, using playful colors to highlight the activeness of the product, and also design The smallest packaging allows consumers to see the packaging design, they can feel the value of the product, and at the same time stimulate consumers' desire to buy and encourage them to actively purchase. Because of Spark's brand-new perspective and innovative methods, expressing design concepts, he was most favored by the judges in the comprehensive evaluation and was awarded the New Design Award.


The Marketing Department Spark won the Outstanding Design Award.


The award-winning work "HYPERACTIVE" uses a variety of color combinations to make the product more valuable.




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