A speech that moved the entrepreneur deeply, and promoted an opportunity for industry-university cooperation. On August 17th, Chairman Liao Junqing, Sun Moon Pearl, Yuchi Township, Nantou, and Li Binggan, President of our school, signed an industry-university cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties in the implementation space of the Interdisciplinary Design College of Wenhua Creative Center. The School of Social Innovation (s.School), the School of Interdisciplinary Design (d.School) and the Riyue Pearl Company will design a project team to jointly transform the tourism ecology and form of the Sun Moon Lake Base, pursue sustainable operation and development, and at the same time make the best of the enterprise and the university Social responsibility.

President Lee (left) and the representative of Sun Moon Pearl Chairman Liao signed a cooperation agreement to jointly transform the Sun Moon Lake base.

President Lee (left) and the representative of Sun Moon Pearl Chairman Liao signed a cooperation agreement to jointly transform the Sun Moon Lake base.


University created an innovative business model with Industry.

In May of this year, President Li Bingqian was invited by the Taichung Rotary Club to share with entrepreneurs the philosophy and operating characteristics of Feng Chia University, especially the introduction of the CDIO innovative teaching philosophy promoted by top international universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to promote students Ability to design thinking, cross-domain communication and teamwork. There are also many successful cases in our school. We invite the industry to invest resources together and use the interdisciplinary design school as a platform to integrate industry resources and school teachers, so that students can solve real problems, apply professional knowledge to practice, and work together with the industry to cultivate talents.

This speech deeply moved the heart of Chairman Liao. It happened that he was also thinking about how to innovate and change the sightseeing and tourism business model of his company's Sun Moon Lake base, so he especially hoped that Feng Chia University could give business advice from different perspectives; President Li I am also very happy to provide the school's mature course modules to assist companies. After many discussions and site surveys, the two parties formally signed a cooperation agreement, and a special course plan for nearly three years will be launched.

This thematic course focuses on "Environmental and regional planning, architectural and landscape and lighting planning, tourism resources and tourism market analysis (including product positioning and marketing planning) of the Sun Moon Pearl Hotel Development Project", and is designed by Sun Moon Pearl Hotel. The team, together with s.School and d.School of our school, plans, designs and implements the concepts, methods and steps of CDIO design thinking.

Topic research content includes 1. The development trend of local and international tourism markets in the epidemic or post-epidemic era; 2. The use and implementation of local historical, cultural and industrial resources in software and hardware facilities; 3. Sun Moon Pearl Hotel development project space Product positioning and outdoor landscape planting planning concepts; 4. The layout of hotel space and ventilation and air conditioning equipment in the epidemic or post-epidemic era; 5. The marketing management model and execution tools of this project.

In his speech, President Li said that this is the first time that s.School and d.School of our school have jointly implemented industrial and social issues. The university must actually cooperate with the industry to truly implement 4R (Real Company, Real Project, Real Design, Real Product) Concept. This time, many teachers participated in the Sun Moon Lake project, hoping to stimulate more stories through cooperation with the industry. At the same time, students in school can participate in planning together, give full play to the concept and enthusiasm of service, and personally experience and realize social responsibility.

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