Shameika Prentice, a graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering of our school, under the guidance of Teacher Lin Weiyan, participated in the "24th Construction Engineering and Management Academic Seminar (SCEM 2020) held at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on August 5. )", won the reviewer's favor with "A Visual Aid for Epidemic investigation with Spatial Awareness Using BIM", and won the best Thesis Award among 8 foreign publishers in the B3 session.

Shameika (right) won the SCEM 2020 Best Paper Award.

Shameika (right) won the SCEM 2020 Best Thesis Award.

Shameika’s thesis published this time is mainly about taking the "Smart City and Environmental Simulation" course offered by the School of Construction in her senior year, and participating in the topic of epidemic prevention with four other students from different departments. Although there is no foundation for the tool software and information technology used in the topic before, under the careful guidance of Teacher Lin Weiyan, the computer classroom is used to gradually practice teaching on the ground, with online teaching videos and other learning resources, learning while doing, and completing it together The final result. Shameika said that it was very meaningful to be able to participate in epidemic prevention related topics; I did not expect to be affirmed by the review committee, and sincerely thank Mr. Lin Weiyan for his guidance and the resources provided by the school.

Teacher Lin Weiyan mentioned that Shameika was arrogant and took many of his courses together. She always sat in the seat closest to him in class and was very focused. If you have any questions, you must ask questions. The group report will not reduce the contribution in the team because of the language barrier, which impressed him. By her senior year, she was already very good at Chinese. Because she was very interested in information technology, she recommended that she take the "Smart City and Environmental Simulation" as an elective and work with him to develop the CIDT system. Whether as a research assistant for the Ministry of Science and Technology project, participating in the online technical conference of the international organization OGC, and publishing academic seminar papers, Shameika has always performed outstandingly.

Shameika is from the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis , which has diplomatic relations with the Caribbean. She also knew that due to the scholarship provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan’s civil engineering technology is very advanced. She studied in FCU. Under various favorable conditions, she started her own rich and surprising learning journey in FCU.

Four years of study have gone through ups and downs. She is very grateful to everyone who helped her. For example, a roommate at the Lucky Star Girls Hotel, a freshman college student, provided her with a lot of life and language help, so that she could integrate into the Feng family as soon as possible. The teachers in the Department of Civil Engineering are also happy to help her, especially those who can consider foreign students and provide help, such as: Wang Qiping, Lin Baohong and Lin Weiyan. After finishing her studies in FCU, Shameika, who received a full scholarship, will go to the Department of Construction Engineering of Taiwan University of Technology to continue her graduate studies, and hope to accumulate some work experience before returning to her country.


Shameika(right) thanked prof. Lin Weiyan for his four years of teaching.