Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail

Take the High Speed ​​Rail to Taichung High Speed ​​Rail Station.

Take a taxi to Feng Chia University via Zhongzhang Expressway for about 25 minutes.High-speed rail express bus: please go to Exit 6, bus platform 12, take "160 High-speed Rail Taichung Station-Qiaoguang University of Science and Technology" and get off at Fengjia University Station.train

Please take the Western Main Line Mountain Line to Taichung Railway Station, and transfer from the railway station to Tonglian Passenger Transport No. 37; Central Taiwan Passenger Transport No. 25; Taichung Passenger Transport Bus No. 33 and 35; Quanhang Passenger Transport No. 5. For more information, please check Taichung City Bus.

Passenger transportIf you take the United Passenger Transport and get off at the China-Hong Kong Transit Station, please change to bus No. 28.Those who take the Uni-Lian Bus and get off at Uni-Lian Chaoma Transfer Station, or those who get off at Chaoma Station on Taiwan Avenue, can take a taxi to Fengjia University in about 5-10 minutes.Bus Information: Please refer to "Taichung City Bus Dynamic Transfer Network" and Taichung Bus related APP.Self-driving

Please use GPS navigation to locate the campus address

Feng Chia University: West Gate Address_407802, No.100 Wenhua Road, Taichung City; East Gate Address_407032, No.127 Fengda Road, Xitun District, Taichung CityFuxing Campus: No. 98, Fuxing North Road, Xitun District, Taichung 407031Zhongke Campus: No. 951, Section 1, Dongda Road, Xitun District, Taichung City 407757